<div id="cube">
  	<span class="stellar">


/* Firefox > lab > _wblz
** Animation Rotate Delay > no-webkit prefix
** but w.k!
html, body {
  position: relative;
  height: 100%;
body, webbeloz {
  display: -webkit-flex;
  display: flex;
  margin: 0 1%;
	font-size: 100%;
  justify-content: space-around;
#cube {
  align-self: center;
@keyframes rotate {
    0% {
    transform: rotate(0deg);
    50% { 
    transform: rotate(0deg);
    60% { 
    transform: rotate(360deg);
    100% { 
    transform: rotate(360deg);

#cube span.stellar {
  animation-name: rotate; 
  animation-duration: 4s; 
  animation-iteration-count: infinite;
  animation-timing-function: ease-in-out;
  animation-delay: 2000ms;
#cube span.stellar { 
  width: 101px; 
  height: 101px; 
  display: block; 
  background: red;
  border: 10px solid #dedede;
.stellar p {
	vertical-align: middle;
	line-height: 70px;
	transform: rotate(-45deg);
	color: white;


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